How to Use Bone Broth For Dogs

How to Use Bone Broth For Dogs

There are endless possibilities when it comes to serving Fido's bone broths to your dog! They can be served with a meal, on their own, or made into treats! Let's go over some of our favorite ways to serve Fido's.

  1. With a Meal: Fido's bone broths are a convenient way to add extra nutrition and hydration to your dog's food, whether they're eating kibble, wet food or any other kind of diet. Follow the feeding guide on your jar and for best results we suggest gently warming the broth in a sauce pan (not too cold or hot). It can then be mixed into your dog's food. If you are mixing the bone broth into kibble, letting it sit 10 minutes after mixing can help hydrate the kibble and make it easier to digest.
  2. Liquid Treat: A straight-forward way to serve Fido's to your pup. Follow the feeding guide on the jar or start with just a tablespoon. Pour the bone broth into a bowl or fancy mug and surprise your dog with a midday treat!
  3. Frozen Treat: One of our personal favorite ways to serve Fido's is as a frozen treat. To do this, you can purchase one of our dog bone ice cube trays or use any ice cube tray you have. Simply pour the broth across the ice cube tray and freeze until solid. Serve 1-2 cubes as a treat per day. Your dog will love this frozen treat!

What are your favorite ways to serve bone broth to your dog? Let us know in the comments!


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