The Story Behind Fido's

The Story Behind Fido's

Our official journey at Fido's began in early 2022, with the release of our first products in January 2023. However, the essence of our story traces back to a much earlier time, rooted in a deep love for animals and an unwavering commitment to their well-being.

The Origins: A Tale of Compassion and Dedication

The story of Fido's starts with Renee, one half of our dynamic mother-daughter team, whose lifelong passion for animals was sparked by her childhood dog, Fido. At just seven years old, Renee, living just outside of Sacramento, California, discovered a stray, mixed-breed dog. She named her Fido, and from that moment, the two were inseparable. Fido ignited a profound love and dedication in Renee, setting her on a path of caring for animals that spanned decades.

Throughout her life, Renee's home was never without a foster or rescue animal. Her experience grew as she worked for seven years in a veterinary office, cared for horses, and adopted numerous dogs. This deep-rooted passion for animals led Renee to establish the Second Chance Animal Foundation, Inc. in 2022. This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is dedicated to providing financial assistance for the medical care of animals in need, ensuring they get a second chance at life.

Bridging Passion with Innovation: The Birth of Fido's Products

Recognizing the financial challenges inherit in non-profit work, Renee sought to create a pet product that could consistently financially contribute to non-profits. This is where her daughter, Nicole, an accomplished herbalist, joined forces with her. Together, they brainstormed various pet product ideas and eventually conceived the idea of a bone broth for dogs, infused with medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Renee's extensive health and wellness knowledge, coupled with Nicole's expertise in herbalism, culminated in the creation of a truly unique and beneficial product.

Launch and Growth: Bringing Healing to Pet Bowls Everywhere

In 2023, Fido's launched its innovative liquid bone broths in Digestion and Mobility blends. Collaborating with clinical canine herbalist Rita Hogan, they developed herbal and mushroom formulations that are both gentle and powerful, providing essential nutrition and health benefits for dogs.

Building on their initial success, early 2024 saw the introduction of powdered bone broth and two new blends: Longevity and Simply. These products are crafted through relationships with regenerative farmers and a commitment to a meticulous, no-compromises process, ensuring the highest quality.

Our Commitment: Quality, Care, and Community

At Fido's, we are deeply passionate about our bone broths and the positive impact they have on dogs' lives. Our mission goes beyond just nutrition; it's about supporting regenerative farming, enhancing animal welfare, and providing superior quality products that pet owners can trust.

Here's to nurturing dogs from all walks of life, championing farmers who restore our land and soil, and delivering high-quality nutrition and herbs to more dog bowls. We love our broths, and we're confident that your pups will too.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and for supporting our mission to bring health and happiness to pets everywhere.

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