Unveiling Our Fido's Brand Ambassadors and the Magic of Bone Broth for Dogs

Unveiling Our Fido's Brand Ambassadors and the Magic of Bone Broth for Dogs

Today, we are ecstatic to introduce our esteemed Fido's Brand Ambassadors for the Spring 2024 season! 

This season, we embark on a journey with an incredible team dedicated to sharing the many benefits of our bone broth for dogs and their own insights into the world of canine nutrition.

Keep an eye on our brand ambassador's instagrams as they delve into the nourishing aspects that make Fido's products stand out. From the convenience of of our dehydrated grass-fed beef bone broth powder to the delight of transforming everyday meals into gourmet experiences with our meal toppers for picky dogs,  our ambassadors are ready to guide you through it all.

So, join us in celebrating  our dedicated squad of Fido's brand ambassadors and give them a follow on instagram!

1. Alex + Jeepers @_mountainmutts_

Our favorite way to serve bone broth is pouring it into the boy’s meals directly or creating fun little bone broth pops! Since we’re in Florida bone broth pops help beat the heat! 

2. Autumn + Pax + Pixie @myherdingduo

My name is Autumn and I have two rescue dogs, Pax and Pixie. I am passionate about training, travel, being outside, and canine nutrition! My favorite way to serve bone broth is warmed up and turned into ‘supplement soup’ after a winter walk!

3. Lilly + Nova @nova.the.gsd22

Nova is a 4 year old extremely active German Shepherd. We love adventuring, competing, and I have become a huge advocate for appropriate and optimal dog nutrition! With Nova’s recent diagnosis of LS disease and Spondylosis, it is extremely vital for me to make her joint health a priority. The use of the Mobility Fido’s Bone Broth, alongside rehab and conditioning, has been key to ensure she receives the proper hydration and nutrition to help her joints!

4. Nina + Kiwi @rawfoodrescue

Nina is a raw feeding enthusiast pursuing a certification in canine nutrition. Kiwi is her little furry companion who loves lounging on ultra soft pillows after a long day of fun. Kiwi’s favorite way to sip Fido’s bone broth is plain (because she loves it that much) or drizzled on top of her meals.

5. Kendra + Odin + Rhea @resilient_greatdanes

Hi there! My name is Kendra, and I'm the proud owner of two magnificent Great Danes. Meet Odin (Black Great Dane) and Rhea, (Harlequin) the stars of my life. These goofy gentle giants bring so much joy and love into my world. You can find us cuddling on the couch, or exploring the great outdoors. Our favorite way to serve bone broth is being creative, turning them into fun and tasty molds with their supplements.

6. Mercedes + Paris @paris.the.petitepuppy

Paris is a 4lb chi who has the biggest heart and energy. She’s super sassy and loves her treats and food  we love to use bone broth to hydrate our dry kibble or to add into lick mats for enrichment. 

7. Kelsey + Mac + Bruschi @mac.n.bru

Hi! We are Mac and Bruschi! Two Midwestern Olde English Bulldogges. Mac is 1 and Bruschi is 3. We live in Illinois with our pawrents— Evan and Kelsey. A little bit about us: we both have one brown and one blue eye, we love to cuddle, love sticks & squeaky toys, and to gnaw on anything we can get my paws on. Bru knows lots of tricks and can balance stuff on his nose. Mac copies everything Bruschi does and is lost without him. We are quite the characters and have funny little personalities. We also think everyone loves us, and we’re usually right.

8. Kelly + Zuko + Jobi @confidentpawsllc

I’m Kelly, and these are my pups Zuko and Jobi! I’m a local dog trainer who is passionate about feeding dogs fresh and high quality food. I’ve seen the ways that feeding what nature intended can positively impact dog behavior. When dogs feel well, they behave well. When dogs come for a board and train at my home, they sometimes are nervous and get upset stomachs. I like to always have Fido’s digestion bone broth on hand for this reason. It typically has dogs feeling good as new in no time!

9. Jei + Monty @montytherottie

Howdy y’all! Coming straight out of Texas meet Monty and his mom Jei! Monty was found as a stray by his mom, who fell in love with him the moment she saw him. Monty is a chew connoisseur, who loves novel proteins, and can’t resist a raw meaty bone. He loves to play fetch and enjoys long walks in the city. Monty and Jei are big raw food advocates that believe pets should be fed a species appropriate diet. Monty loves his Fidos Bone Broth served over a nutritious raw meal, or served on its own as a cocktail with additional supplements. 

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