Top 10 Benefits of Feeding Your Dog a Fresh Food Diet

Top 10 Benefits of Feeding Your Dog a Fresh Food Diet

Feeding our companions a fresh diet provides them with benefits that enhance their overall health and wellbeing. Diets crafted from whole food ingredients, like those offered by Dr. Harvey’s, ensure that your dog will get all of their essential nutrients in the most natural and digestible form. Fresh diets are free from preservatives and fillers, making them more nutrient dense while promoting better digestion, increased energy, levels, and so much more. 

Benefits of Feeding a Fresh Diet

  1. Improved Digestion: Fresh food diets are easier for dogs to digest. Processed foods that contain additives, fillers, and artificial ingredients are hard for some dogs to properly digest. 
  2. Weight Management: Fresh food diets contain more nutrients and have a higher concentration of water which will help your pup feel full without needing to consume empty calories. Fresh food diets are also much more customizable to your dog’s individual needs making it easier to make adjustments if your dog needs to lose or gain weight. 
  3. Boosted Energy Levels: Fresh ingredients allow dogs to absorb more energy from what they are eating. You might notice an increase in your dog’s energy when you switch over to a healthier diet that is full of whole foods. 
  4. Better Dental Health: Fresh food diets contain natural enzymes that can help breakdown bacteria and food particles in your dog’s mouth, leading to improved dental hygiene. You can read even more about dental hygiene here. Pro tip: Feed raw meaty bones 1-2 times a week to help remove tartar. 
  5. Stronger Immune System: Whole foods will naturally boost your dog’s immune system by providing them with all the nutrients they need. Diet and immune health go hand in hand. 
  6. Shinier Skin & Coat: Feeding a diet that is nutritious will also lead to a healthier skin and coat because it ensures they will get essential omega fatty acids. 
  7. Increased Variety: Fresh diets offer more diverse ingredients that keep meal time interesting. With Dr. Harvey’s, in particular, you can switch between the base mixes and protein sources to offer variety and keep your dog interested. 
  8. Stronger Muscle Tone: Proper nutrition and protein help build and maintain muscle, which is essential for all dogs especially as they age. 
  9. Enhanced Joint & Bone Health: Fresh foods provide all essential minerals and vitamins to strengthen bones and joints to keep your dog healthy for years to come. 
  10. Increased Vitality: Feeding a diet full of whole food ingredients will improve your dog’s overall health and boost their vitality so they can truly thrive. 

How can I transition my dog to a fresh diet? 

We recommend consulting your holistic vet before switching to a new diet. The best way to transition to a new food is to gradually decrease the old food while gradually increasing the new food.  For example, start with an 80/20% mixture of old and new, then a 50/50% of each, then 20/80% old and new, then 100% of the new food.

Why Dr. Harvey’s? 

Feeding a whole food diet can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Dr. Harvey’s takes the guesswork out of feeding a fresh diet. Simply choose a base mix that fits your dog’s needs, add water, your choice of protein, and oil. As an added benefit, you can use Fido’s bone broth to rehydrate their Dr. Harvey’s meals. Just like Fido’s, Dr. Harvey’s is family owned and operated. Dr. Harvey’s uses only high quality ingredients (nothing processed) so that your dog gets only the best.

The benefits of feeding your dog a fresh food diet are substantial - from improved digestion and weight management to enhanced vitality. Feeding a diet full of whole food ingredients can significantly contribute to your dog’s health and well being. By opting for quality-focused brands like Dr. Harvey’s and incorporating nutritional supplements like the bone broth offered by Fido’s, your dog will truly thrive! Try Dr. Harvey’s today with code FIDOS at checkout.
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